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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I wear?

Please bring a solid color top that compliments you for headshots and dancewear for your full-body shot and mock audition (we love brightly colored dance wear that showcases your lines!) 

Dancers over 18 bring character shoes/heels for mock audition.

What sort of dancing will we do for the mock audition? 

You will be taught a ballet combo (please bring ballet shoes) and a short music theatre combo. Even if these genres are not your strength, this audition process is invaluable for a real-world audition experience!

Does it matter which day I come to the Collective, Sat. or Sun.?

We purposely chose to come to each city for 2 days so that you could choose the best weekend day for your schedule.  The same Breakthru Dance Collective will be presented on both days, just pick the best day for you.  There will be additional mini photo shoots available with both photographers on the Friday before the Collective, look for details when you register.

**Studio locations may vary on both days.

How do I get my resume template and digital images?

These items will be sent to you via email  48 hours after the event with instructions.  You will also receive a link to schedule your 30 min. 1:1 coaching session with a Talent Agent.

How long will I be at the Collective?

Please plan for a full day of dance at the Collective.   You will receive an email prior to the event with a detailed schedule for the day so you can plan accordingly.  

Will lunch be provided?

We will be rotating groups throughout the day to ensure all topics have been covered for every dancer.  You will have small breaks in between AND while pictures are being taken, so bring several snacks, fruit, bite size sandwiches or wraps AND plenty of water to stay hydrated!  Please no sodas or candy.

Will you be traveling to any other cities? 

Our tour starts with the 5 cities listed, we will be adding cities and additional dates soon,  If you have a city or dance studio that you think we should visit, please reach out on our  Contact page and leave us a message.

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