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What's IT All About!

The ​It ​​factor!

How do you obtain It?

It starts here ...

It Talentis dedicated to providing aspiring performing artists the fundamentals of the professional audition process. Supporting them so they can grow artistically as professional performers in the entertainment industry ... except, we take It a step further.  Performers and Mental Health go hand in hand, that's a fact! 

As the founder of It Talent, it's not only about coaching talent ...

it is my hearts passion to be an agent for change and put more of a spotlight on how important a healthy mindset is to be successful in THIS business. 

 As a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, all of my programs are written specifically with the study of excellence in mind, a guide for how to use our minds to achieve goals. It's a frame of thinking that allows one to stay in control of the mind during high pressure times, this supports building confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, ultimately helping performers minimize stress & anxiety from their daily lives and replaced with inspiration, motivation and hope.

Read more in my bio on the About page.

- Stacy G.

We Make IT Happ​en!


Master Class 

for Singers & Dancers

1 Day Extensive Audition Master Class w/Mock Audition & Individual Critiques

Resume, Headshot,

Demo Reel

Review & Consulting

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